auction software

auction software

Auction software is designed especially for auctioneer or merchant to sell their items by auctions. It is also ecommerce platform you easily sell your product.

Note: 1 year support included



2,000 € (TAX included)

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Online Auction system

Starting an Online Auction (According to Bidding, Auction Rules)

Multiple Auction

Multiple (unlimited) Auction can be started at same time

Pre-Evaluation auction

Auction initiation; Starting the auction online and ending in the hall.


It is online auction time priod until LIve AUCTION can takes 4 days or 5 days or 1 week it depends your decision.


After pre-live priod live auction will start and closed by its lot number.

Live 1

at live scene each lot will be ready for last bids for a duration counter start down  (20s, 30s, etc.). if new bid placed the counter will increase some second that you already set. 

Live 2

 at auction lot list  same as Live1 will start each counter of product will differ (45s, 1 min,2,min,3min etc.) sequence

Live 3

at live scene each lot will be ready for bids but different than Live 1 you don't set duration of scene for each lot. instead you control it when to go next lot


Bulk Mail (Auction Announcement). Notification by mail to customer. when auction is started or near to ending or announce live auction will start. All e-mails are sent in detail and with a link and picture for returning to the site.


Buy Now (e-commerce) Online Payment Acceptance

Bid to order

Converting final winner results into orders. More items calculated as one order.




Full features of auction website




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